Scope of Organized Retail Crime - How Big is the Problem?

NRF (National Retail Federation): "Organized retail crime at all-time high", November 2018

The extent of the problem is reflected in the National Retail Federation’s 14th annual ORC study, which found that 92% of companies surveyed had been a victim of organized retail crime (ORC) in the past year and 71% of such incidents were increasing. Losses averaged $777,877 per $1 billion in sales, up 7% from last year’s previous record of $726,351.  While at least 34 states have ORC laws, 73% of retailers surveyed support the creation of a federal ORC law, noting that ORC gangs often operate across state lines

“Retailers continue to deal with increasing challenges and complications surrounding organized retail crime,” NRF VP of loss prevention Bob Moraca said.

“These criminals find new ways to expand their networks and manipulate the retail supply chain every day,” he added. “The retail industry is fighting this battle by upgrading technology, improving relationships with local law enforcement and taking steps such as tightening return policies, but it is a never-ending battle.”

 The Response and Fight Back! - Law Enforcement Joins Together With SNORCA

SNORCA was formed in 2012 and along with this new organized retail crime association a unit within Las Vegas Metro was formed called the RAPP team. Their sole mission is to fight retail crime. Currently SNORCA has over 400 members (retail and law enforcement) to utilize in building cases and pooling resources to fight ORC in Las Vegas. Major contributors to SNORCA are Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept, Henderson Police Dept and many retailers throughout the valley. Working together to identify and resolve these ORC cases that impact our community.

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